TrackemŽ is a GPS application that provides you with a cell phone GPS, Blackberry GPS, or in-vehicle GPS toolset. It currently runs on IDEN cell phones and Blackberry's and AirLink modems.

The Administrative side of TrackemŽ is accessible through any web browser.

TrackemŽ allows you to find a vehicle or person and see where they have been for the past 30 days.

Additional reporting includes:
     - Duration of stops that were made
     - Distances travelled between locations
     - Speed of vehicle when travelling
     - Geofence boundary notifications
Trackem for Business

The TrackemŽ feature set enables you to eliminate misuse of vehicles and labour, reduce fuel and insurance costs, and track stolen vehicles. The quick location overview allows for easy dispatching of vehicles which increases the efficiency of your drivers. Geofences allow you to monitor job sites, local social areas, and keep tabs on vehicles when in your yard at night. Improved efficiency and decreased vehicle misuse allows your company to grow your client base and increase your ROI. An investment in Trackem is an investment in your company that will help your bottom line.

Trackem for Family

As a parent, safety and security regarding your children are of primary importance. TrackemŽ enables you to have peace of mind with the knowledge of where your children are throughout the day. Quick access to location reports lets you know if your child arrived at school, at their friends house, or where they have taken the car at night.

TrackemŽ is also beneficial for people with medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, extending their freedom while being able to be found if needed.