Management Team

Jeff Gawlicki

General Manager | SALES

Jeff joined Tridon Communications in 2013, bringing years of experience in the industry and an ever-growing wealth of knowledge of wireless communications solutions and their applications. His focus on aiding Clients as they overcome communications challenges and staying abreast of developing technology are assets he brings to bear for every client he supports. It is also a mindset he has instilled into the Team he coaches and leads.

Greg Tolson

General Manager | projects

Greg has led the team in Fort McMurray since 1999, applying his knowledge and dedication to providing communications solutions through changing technology and economic booms and busts in the resources, transportation and construction sectors.

Martin Theriault


Martin’s goal has always been to use his knowledge and experience to contribute significantly to the success and growth of a business, and in 2016 he brought that drive to Tridon Communications.

Al Vonkeman

Chief technical officer

Since joining Tridon in 2016, Al has headed Tridon’s Engineering and Networks Department.  Utilizing his professional knowledge and experience, he has guided his Team through the completion of a number of complex, large-scale projects.  His strong leadership and focus on safety and controls has blended seamlessly into Tridon’s culture of excellence.

Roger S. Ibbotson


Roger’s commitment to the community, and to providing wireless communications solutions has seen Tridon thrive and expand from a single store in Fort McMurray to 6 locations including Athabasca and Edmonton.

Roger's Recipe for Success

Live your life, both your personal life and your business life, by a code of Honour and Integrity that far exceeds simply telling the truth. Live your life by “The Knight’s Code” and people will follow you with pride.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who share these ideals equally and with passion, and never allow those who don’t to remain in the company.

And finally, surround yourself with people who know far more than you, empower them to create excellence, and then get out of their way. They will always make you look good.

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