Satellite Data & Phones

Satellite Data & Phones

From the top of the Rocky Mountains to the middle of a northern forest, a satellite phone keeps you connected in places where other equipment simply falls short. Tridon’s customers have relied on satellite phones for emergency calls, regular check0ins and back up communications.

Satellite phones offer plenty of benefits:

• The durable, rugged chassis is designed to stand up to brutal conditions and harsh environments.
• You can transmit text, data, or distress messages at the push of a button.
• You don’t need for expensive communications infrastructure.
• You can customize service to fi t your budget. Choose a long-term voice and data plan or purchase just the minutes you need from us.

Tridon carries a range of satellite phones from Globalstar and Iridium that are available for purchase or rental on a short or long-term basis.

For more information on satellite phones or data solutions, click on the models below to download specifications or contact us.


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