Track your workers, assets and vehicles in real time while gathering information from the field to help improve prductivity, reduce costs and improve your bottom line. Improved communication and better scheduling can help you enhance customer service with faster and more accurate response times
You can do it all – at a cost effective price – with TELUS Tracking and Dispatch Solutions.

Ideal for:
  • Businesses that want help tracking the real-time location of their valuable assets
  • In the case of theft, businesses that want help locating and retrieving goods and assets
  • Businesses that want to improve their asset management and security

Additional AVL options are available in our Fleet Management Section
– Complete Innovations – Fleet Complete
– GEOTrac – Fleet & Asset Management

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Key benefits for your business:

Improve communication with in-vehicle mobile Internet.
  • Field service and construction workers can receive and confirm work orders or job estimates at the job site to avoid lengthy delays
  • Engineers and project managers can review and edit documents on the go
  • Subcontractors, suppliers and customers can collaborate in real time to review project planning documents
  • Utilities and field crews can gain real time, high bandwidth access to work orders, safety and compliance data as well as asset management tools
Analyze and manage key metrics to improve your field operations.
  • Reduce fuel costs by helping to control speeding, driver behaviour, idling time and inefficient routing
  • Optimize fleet repair schedules by tracking mileage, providing vehicle diagnostics and automating maintenance logs
  • Alert on authorized vs. unauthorized mileage
  • Track and manage arrival/departure times at client locations
Improve customer service
  • Track the real-time location of workers, vehicles and critical assets and dispatch tasks to the nearest mobile worker
  • Provide your customers with accurate arrival times and dependable scheduling, while maintaining proof of pickup and delivery
Improve security
  • Recover stolen vehicles and critical assets with real-time tracking
  • Report unauthorized use of vehicles out-of-route activities using automated alerts