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your Wireless Systems

Your communications system is a critical component in your operation. You depend on it to work reliably 24 hours a day.   Any downtime can put unnecessary 

strain on your project’s timeline and budget.



Warranty, Repair & Installation Services

Our Edmonton and Fort McMurray locations are equipped with full--service team to help with any Service requirements

Wireless System Maintenance Agreements

Preventative maintenance will help to improve device performance and reduce system downtime

Industry Canada Licensing Process

Tridon Communications Sales and Rental team can help you through every step of the radio licensing process

Wireless System Design & Engineering

Let us we implement your communications plan and monitor and maintain your engineered solution

Tower Construction and Repair

Our Tower Division will walk you through every step of the regulatory process to ensure compliance.

AFRRCS Systems Consultation

Tridon’s AFRRCS Technical Team can guide your department through the process of onboarding your communications system


That’s why Tridon Communications has highly-skilled engineers, tower climbers and CSA certified technicians that are dedicated to designing, installing and supporting reliable communications systems for both short-term and long-term needs.  And this same team can deploy at a moment’s notice in an emergency, minimizing costly downtime and getting your project back on track.

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