AFRRCS - Alberta First Responder Radio Communication System

AFRRCS Consultation

Alberta’s First Responder Radio Communications System (AFRRCS) enables public safety departments to effectively communicate and coordinate emergency response efforts. It is a province-wide, P-25 secure network that is designed to support a range of two-way radio and cellular devices, with full interoperability and wide-area coverage to all of Alberta’s first responders. Tridon’s AFRRCS Technical Administrators can guide your department through the process of onboarding your communications system to this network.

Our AFRRCS Consultation addresses:

– Assessing the compatibility of your communications system
– Migrating your current radio system to AFRRCS
– Temporary on-boarding of legacy systems
– Sourcing P25 capable radios and supporting accessories
– Accessing and signing onto the AFRRCS Permitted Radio List
– Training opportunities for your first responder and dispatch teams on the features and terminology associated with AFRRCS

If you would like to book an AFRRCS Consultation, call us at 1-833-487-4366 or submit the form on this page.

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