System Design

System Design

Your communication system is a critical piece of infrastructure that needs to be designed, engineered and built to meet your specific project needs. Tridon has worked with leaders in Alberta’s industries – construction, resource, energy, transportation and more – by designing and implementing custom communication systems that supported their goals.

This is how we can do the same for you.

  1. We start by working with you to understand your communications challenges, and the goals and objectives you’ve set for your project.
  2. We then visit your site to see your current communications system and identify the most effective solution – including simply repairing and reprogramming your existing equipment.
  3. Next, we conduct a Path Study to determine your technical and infrastructure needs, e.g. repeaters, cellular boosters, distributed antennae system, towers.
  4. We then build a communications plan that is solid enough to meet your immediate needs, yet flexible enough to grow as new workers, radios and/or job sites are added.
  5. Working with you, we select the radios, accessories and network infrastructure that will be programmed and installed by our Service team.
  6. Finally, we implement your communications plan and monitor and maintain your engineered solution.

To get started on building your communications solution, call us at 1-833-487-4366.

For information on the equipment we use to build and support your system, click here.

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