Wireless System
Maintenance Agreements

Wireless System Maintenance Agreements

The investment you’ve made in your communications system – radios, repeaters, and accessories – will keep your team safe as they work in noisy, dangerous, or isolated environments. Regular, preventative maintenance will help to improve device performance and reduce system downtime, ensuring the highest standards of safety for your team and supporting productivity all day, every day.

Here are a few reasons why making preventative maintenance a part of your communications plan is critical:

• You Catch Minor Issues Before They Become Major Problems
Just as it is with a vehicle, regular inspections and maintenance of your communication system means you can detect and fix problems before they escalate.

• Get the Most Life Out of Your System
When equipment is periodically inspected, cleaned and maintained, it lasts longer and functions at its best. By implementing a preventative maintenance plan, you can have confidence that your system – from radios to BDA’s to communications towers – will perform the way you need them to.

• Planned Maintenance is Cost-Effective
Surprises aren’t fun, especially when they mean downtime in your operation. Regularly servicing your equipment means you can see the costs coming and plan for them and avoid the cost that comes with unexpected outages.

• You Can Prepare to Replace Your System
With a preventative maintenance plan, you know when equipment and components need to be replaced or upgraded. Having this plan means you can budget for and schedule the costs well in advance.

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