Radio communication is widely used across Albertan industries and worksites. We rely on this technology on a daily basis for reliable, effective, and safe communication between our team members. Here at Tridon, we want to support your team and your communications efforts. We strongly believe two-way radio communication can help enhance your team’s communication, but also the safety and quality of the work produced by your team.

Cost of ownership

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Accelerated resolution time by instantly connecting people

Enhanced Worker Safety

  • Overall effective communication in the workplace
  • Reaching workers everywhere (including other buildings and on the road)
  • Protecting workers with a multitude of safety features including emergency function

Battery Life & Management 

  • Average eight-hour battery life for two-way radios
  • Rapid speed charging

Durability & Reliability

  • Ensured private and secure communications
  • The rugged build communications device

 Audio Quality

  • Sounds control options for noise control
  • Clear voice sound for strong communication

Group Communication

  • Improved mobile worker productivity
  • Improved real-time decision making
  • Improved employee collaboration

Value Adding Features & Functionsa07be2e8-a5dd-49d2-ab92-6d2eb4f421d0

  • Bluetooth
  • Increased audio technology
  • GPS functions
  • Full-colour display
  • Clear voice and flexible text messaging
  • Location tracking capabilities

Choosing two-way radio communication for your team is a safe, effective, and reliable choice. Our radios can help keep your team connected in any situation or work environment. Tridon is an authorized Kenwood dealer, Motorola Service Supplier and a CSA certified Repair Centre. We have a team of fully equipped field service technicians and have been serving Alberta’s two-way radio solutions for over the past thirty-five years.

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If you would like to talk more about what Tridon’s two-way radios can do for your team, please visit our webpage or contact us:

  • Email:
  • Phone: Ft. McMurray: 780.791.1002 | Edmonton: 780.436.5566 |Athabasca: 780.675.3938

Tridon is a full solution Telecom Systems Integrator with CSA certification and licensed by APEGA.  Our Engineering, Service and Tower Divisions collaborate with customers to build engineered solutions including communications systems design, tower inspections and co-location, wireless broadband, fiber optic cabling, site security, and two-way radio communication.

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