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Your two-way radio is just like any other tool: take care of it and it will be there to serve you in the long run. And, with winter drawing to an end, many companies in Alberta will be gearing up for their busiest seasons.  Once your crews are in the field, they will need two-way radios in good repair so they can stay connected, productive and safe.

That’s why having your radios inspected and repaired by manufacturer-trained experts should be Step One in your project plan.  Once that’s taken care of, you can have confidence that you won’t experience any delays because of an unreliable communication solution.

Here are seven reasons to bring your radios to Tridon for regular maintenance and repair.

     1- We’ll Catch Issues Before They Hinder Performance.


A certain amount of wear and tear should be expected as a result of everyday use, especially if your projects take you to construction sites, the oil sands or other industrial settings.

But just because a problem seems minor doesn’t mean it should be ignored.  Getting your two-way radio inspected and, (if need be) repaired when you first notice a performance issue will help prevent the problem from escalating and interfering with communication in the field.

Damage to the antennae, radio housings and volume controls are just a few of the problems our manufacturer-trained technicians diagnose and repair on a regular basis.  And, because Tridon is a CSA-certified repair facility, we can inspect and repair intrinsically safe two-way radios, as well.

     2- We’ll Inspect and Repair Your Accessories and Test Your Batteries, Too.


If your radio needs repairs, odds are your accessories do, too. Our service technicians will inspect, repair and clean them so they function at optimal levels.

We’ll inspect and test each battery as well to ensure they’re within their shelf-life and working within manufacturer specifications.  If there is any question about a battery’s ability to get your team members through an entire shift, we’ll let you know that it’s time to recycle it and purchase a replacement.

If you have radios or accessories you want repaired, Contact Us today.

     3- We’ll Test and Autotune Your Radios.


Autotuning is a process of testing your radio to make sure it functions within manufacturer specifications. At Tridon, we’ve made autotuning part of our two-way radio repair process. Our experienced, manufacturer-trained technicians know how to interpret the results of these tests and are fully equipped with the tools and software to make any necessary upgraded.


 4- We Will Get Your Firmware and Software Up to Date.


Part of our radio inspection and repair process is making sure the firmware is up to date.  Firmware is essentially what tells the radio components how to interact with each other.  Having up to date firmware means that any improvements to these operating instructions, including new software related features, will be available to you.

If you have questions about Autotuning and firmware updates, we have the answers.  Just Contact Us today.


5- We’ll Clean Your Radios and Accessories


Cleaning the dust, dirt, and grime from radios does more than give them a ‘showroom shine’. It can actually mitigate frustrating performance issues, audio quality being one of them.

If your team works in dirty, dusty environments, like a construction site, airborne dust and dirt can get caught in the speaker grill.  As this debris accumulates it can interfere with audio quality when you transmit and receive messages.  Cleaning is part of our two-way radio repair process.  This, along with Autotuning, will go a long way to helping your team communicate, frustration-free, on the job site.


     6- You Can Discuss Your Project Needs with                Communications Experts


Radio repairs might just be part of your communications solution.  You might need to have your equipment reprogrammed so multiple teams can communicate on the same job site without delay or cross-talk.  If your project will have your team spread over a wide area, you might need a repeater to provide coverage.

There is also a regulatory component to consider.  ISED (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada), formerly known as Industry Canada, has strict licensing requirements that apply to two-way radio use on most frequencies. Tridon’s Licensing Consultants can help ensure you have exclusive access to the frequencies you need for the duration of your current project as well as for upcoming work, future-proofing your communication solution and allowing for private, secure communication.

Bringing your radios in for routine or critical repairs is an opportunity to talk to the experts and get all your bases covered.


      7- We’ll Let You Know if it’s Time for a Replacement.


Some of your radios may be beyond the point of economical repair.  If this is the case, your communication needs would be better served by investing in a replacement radio rather than repairing the damaged device.

If your equipment has reached this point, our Service team and Client Support Specialists will let you know and advise you on the best course of action.  If buying a radio isn’t in your budget, Tridon can provide a rental solution that will fit your project’s needs.

Making two-way radio maintenance the first step in your project plan will mitigate the risk of downtime and lost production because of a gap in communications.  It will also minimize the safety risks that come from failing communications equipment.

So, before sending your crews into the field, let us take a look at your radios.  We’ll take care of them so they will be there for you.

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Tridon is a full solution Telecom Systems Integrator with CSA certification and licensed by APEGA.  Our Engineering, Service and Tower Divisions collaborate with customers to build engineered solutions including communications systems design, tower inspections and co-location, wireless broadband, fiber optic cabling, site security, and two-way radio communication.

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