Industrial Communication Rentals

A Complete and Professional Communications Solution for Your Business

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Tridon’s Industrial Communication Rentals

Industrial communication rentals provide several advantages. When you rent, you get a team of professionals who will program, maintain, replace, and manage the exact radio, satellite phone, or broadband systems that meet your current business needs. You only pay for the number of days that you actually use the system or device. Additionally, you have the flexibility to keep the rental for a longer duration if your job requires it. Renting also removes issues with paperwork and wait times associated with licensing, and you can track the costs associated with the rentals for each project.

At Tridon, we program, deliver, service, and repair all of your radios or satellite phones with speed and efficiency. Tridon’s technicians are highly qualified experts and possess the knowledge and skill to make sure your rentals are in prime condition. We also offer intrinsically safe radios to serve Albertans in all industries that require them.

Tridon’s Industrial Rental Communication Services

Two-way Radio Rentals

Whether you need Two-Way radios in a rush, for job costs, a short- or long-term event, for a plant shutdown or for budgetary purposes we have you covered. Tridon can offer FCC-licensed frequencies or match to your equipment, special event frequency coordination, timely delivery and exemplary customer support.

Wireless Broadband Rental

Renting wireless broadband is easy to deploy, it provides business broadband access for multiple devices and is cost-effective. Rural sites benefit greatly from short or long-term wireless broadband rentals. At Tridon, we can offer you flexible contacts, up to 99.9% service availability, unlimited data transfers, and 24/7/365 network operations centre support.

Sat Phone Rentals

If you can’t rely on cellular service or a landline, renting a satellite will ensure that you can communicate without hindrance. From the top of the Rocky Mountains to the middle of a northern forest, a satellite phone keeps you connected in places where other equipment simply falls short. Tridon’s customers have relied on satellite phones for emergency calls, regular check-ins and backup communications.

Tridon Featured Two-Way Radio Solution

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Two-Way Radio Systems

Two-way radios are ideal because they guarantee communication. They work great in rural areas, you can disperse them throughout your site, having handheld radios to clip to your belt for hands-free convenience to make sure you are always connected. To get the most out of your two-way radios and industrial communication rentals, contact the experts at Tridon.


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