Broadband Systems Service

Tridon’s Wireless Broadband Service for Business and Government Operations & Safety

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Tridon’s Broadband Systems Service

Broadband connectivity has become essential for business and government organizations to service customers and run daily operations. Whether it is high speed internet access or dedicated high bandwidth data connection for your enterprise, reliable broadband communications is vital. The issue some Fort McMurray organizations have in accessing broadband connectivity is remote office locations, limited access from traditional telco operators, and costly connection options.  


Tridon’s Fort McMurray Wireless Broadband Service is exactly what business and government organizations need. With symmetrical speeds between 5Mbps to 100 Mbps, customers in Fort McMurray and area have access to incredibly fast broadband connection.  Additionally, Tridon’s broadband service has 24/7 network support, up to 99.9% service availability, and static IP’s with low latency.  Tridon can tailor a solution to meet your requirements so that you never have issues accessing the internet, your IT network, or customers in the future. 

Features of Tridon’s Wireless Broadband Service

Cost Effective

It is much more cost-effective to deliver Wireless Broadband to businesses in remote areas than a wired system.

High Speed Data

Symmetrical connections, speeds over 100 Mbps, and Static IP’s with low latency

Benefit for Rural Environments

Tridon's Fort McMurray Wireless Broadband Service is accessible where wired telco connections are not available.

Tridon’s Wireless Broadband Solution

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Tridon is a Telecommunications solutions integrator, which includes Wireless Broadband systems. We can offer you secure, private, and reliable broadband connectivity. Tridon’s broadband service features scalable bandwidth with low latency, up to 99.9% service availability, 24/7 Network support, and fast and cost-effective deployment. Contact us today to get started.


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