Two Way Radio Programing

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Industrial Telecommunications Programming

Some of the most powerful features in today’s wired and wireless communications technology are based on the software, rather than the hardware. With the right two way radio programming, your two-way radios can send automatic safety alerts or be remotely deactivated. And, with the right telecommunication programming, your video surveillance system can take advantage of AI-driven video analytics software to identify suspicious people, vehicles, and activity. Just as importantly, the right programming means you won’t spend time or money on features you don’t need, allowing your team to avoid distractions and focus their efforts.

That’s why our team will work with yours to make sure you have the right programming, not just the right hardware. And we’ll make sure that programing stays current by providing manufacturer-approved telecommunication and two way radio software updates and by modifying the programming to keep up with your growing, evolving organization.


Tridon’s Technicians have deployed radio systems to support some of western Canada’s largest industrial projects and operations. They know how important programming is to seamless communications and will work with your team to make sure your equipment can keep your team connected. Here’s how.

Code Plug Design

Our team will design customized code plugs that tell your radios what channels to use, which radios to connect to and which radio features to activate and access.

Fleet Map Design

We’ll design fleet maps to allow various groups within your fleet to communicate while avoiding crosstalk.

Future Proofing

We’ll help build communications plans that are ‘future-proofed’, ensuring your radio system has the latest firmware updates available.

Site-Wide Systems

We’ll collaborate with your team to plan, design, and implement conventional and trunked radio systems, connecting multiple sites and hundreds of your team members.


With today’s AI-driven video analytics software, your security camera network is an incredibly powerful tool. Identifying and recording people, vehicles, and activity of interest is a simple, automated, task. That means shorter response times and more efficient investigations. Here are a few of the analytics tools available.

Appearance Search

Avigilon’s Appearance Search allows your security cameras to search your entire facility for a single person based on parameters like gender, height, hair colour, and clothing colour.

License Plate Recognition

This tool allows you to scan the license plate of every vehicle entering your site to confirm if the vehicle is authorized or prohibited from entering.

Classified Object Motion Detection

Get an instant notification whenever a person or vehicle gets too close to your site perimeter or a restricted area in your facility.

Unusual Motion Detection

Get an alert when atypical activity occurs, like a vehicle driving the wrong way down a private road, or a person lingering near a restricted area’s entrance.


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