Wireless Broadband Solutions

Fast and Cost-Effective Deployment of High Bandwidth Broadband Connections

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Tridon’s Wireless Broadband Solution for Business and Government Operations & Safety

When it comes to connecting your team, nothing is as efficient and cost effective as a wireless broadband system. Having an outdated or unreliable network connection can lead to interruptions in workflow, downtime, and loss of revenue. Rural or remote locations there are usually limited or no other options but wireless broadband connections.

Tridon is a Telecommunications solutions integrator, and works daily on designing, engineering, installing, and maintaining Wireless Broadband systems for business and government customers. We can offer you secure, private, reliable, high wireless bandwidth solutions to meet your network requirements. Tridon can tailor a wireless broadband solution to meet your requirements so that you never have issues accessing the internet, your IT network, or customers in the future.

Wireless Broadband Features

Cost Effective

It is much more cost-effective to deliver Wireless Broadband to businesses in remote areas than a wired system.

Wireless Broadband Features

Symmetrical connections, speeds over 100 Mbps, and Static IP’s with low latency

Benefit for Rural Locations

Tridon can design a system accessible where traditional wired telco connections are not available.

Wireless Broadband Rental Service

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Tridon is a Telecommunications solutions integrator, which includes Wireless Broadband systems. We can offer you secure, private, and reliable broadband connectivity. Tridon’s professional engineered broadband systems feature scalable bandwidth with low latency, fast and cost-effective deployment, and leading technology partners that you can trust. Contact us today to start to build your private wireless broadband network.


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