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Tridon has decades of experience providing communications support and solutions to some of the dominant players in Alberta’s construction, oil, gas, mining and transportation industries. We’ve lent our expertise to the province’s most prestigious events, like the International Children’s Festival and the Alberta Winter Games, and regularly support municipal governments and their public safety programs.

Serving Alberta's Industries Since 1981

Tridon Communications has been providing comprehensive and cost-effective communications solutions to Alberta industries and companies – both big and small – since 1981. Our goal is to provide you a communications solution that meets your current and future needs, from simple small group communications to multi-site systems supporting thousands of users and data applications.

The first step is always working with you to understand your needs. The second is sharing our range of solutions to identify the ideal combination of technology and services to meet your specific requirements. When you work with Tridon Communications, you work with a team fully dedicated to helping you meet your business objectives.

This is how we’ll help build your wireless solution:

  • Our experienced Client Support Specialists work with you to develop a communications plan for the equipment and services you need.
  • Our Inventory and Rental Staff will source equipment that fits your specifications, timeline and budget.
  • Our Engineering Department will design and implement your integrated communications system.
  • Our factory-trained Service Technicians and service staff program, install, maintain and repair your equipment.

As your projects grow and objectives change, this team will be there to support you with communications solutions that are up to the challenge. And, if there’s a communications emergency, rest assured. This same team is on call, 24/7/365 to get your system back online and minimize downtime.

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