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Expand Your Network Coverage with DAS & BDA Systems

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Tridon’s DAS & BDA Systems

Without proper communications, your work teams cannot stay connected, efficient, or safe. A lack of communication also compromises guest, employee and visitor safety. Makeup of the building has a massive effect in why cellular signals are so bad and unreliable inside buildings. Concrete and high-quality glass windows stop signals from getting to the cellular users inside. Better the quality of building construction, the worse the signals indoors. Police officers and first responders depend on indoor coverage on multiple frequency bands for two-way radio and emergency telecommunications irrespective of position within your building through thick concrete walls and even underground floors and parking lots. Therefore, if you’re a business proprietor, not only do you need to worry about indoor cellular coverage, you also need to worry about public safety coverage. If you fall into this category, you will want to consider installing BDA and DAS antenna boosters.

To help answer your questions, Tridon will describe the process of accurately installing high-performance BDA and DAS signal boosters and furthermore, we will explain legal requirements intended to guarantee that communication system coverage is fully compliant. In the end, you will be ready to begin your bi-directional amplifier and distributed antenna system planning a deployment.

Tridon’s Featured DAS & BDA Industry Solutions

Public Safety

Regulations now mandate public safety coverage inside buildings as a pre-requisite for certificates of occupancy. Our team of Telecommunications experts are familiar with regulations and can complete grid testing to verify existing public safety signal conditions. Based on those results, we can design and install a public safety BDA to provide coverage and ensure your building meets local jurisdiction standards and operating protocols.

Cellular Booster

Cellular BDA and DAS antennas boost reception for devices such as mobile phones that run on cellular carrier networks. The cellular BDA antennas that are used in cell phone signal booster systems can be positioned in hotels and large arenas to support concurrent calling and in hospitals to eliminate dead zones. Full-coverage DAS antennas may be used to provide complete coverage for a single carrier. Our experts at Tridon can guide you in choosing the best solution for your environment.

In-building Radio Boosters

Tridon delivers signal improvement using an engineered system of high-tech antennas. This ensures high quality RF signal coverage in marginal to unusable RF signal environments, creating wireless solutions in-building and across grounds. Our systems provide practical, cost-effective coverage for single or multi-floor buildings, underground parking garages, large warehouses and industrial complexes.

Tridon’s DAS & BDA Systems for Public Safety

Motorola Signal Booster in Alberta
Public Safety DAS utilizing BDA technology delivers improved two-way radio service via an antenna system. This ensures that our first responders can maintain communications via wireless devices in a building during medical emergencies, fires, natural disasters and other life-threatening events. If your building has “dead zones” for public safety radio signal, then installing a BDA system is required. The systems are so important that they require ongoing monitoring and annual testing. Our Telecommunications specialists at Tridon can assist you in testing your site, verifying existing systems and designing the right solution for your building.


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