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Tridon’s Commitment to Health and Safety

Workplace safety handbook with occupational safety equipment still life, a work training class and instruction manual for using safety equipment and administering first aid. Employment education document with protective eyewear, hard hat, first aid kit, work glove, and pollution mask. Guidance and planning tools in horizontal format with copy space.

Tridon’s Health and Safety Practices

Safety practices do not stand apart from daily activities; they are integrated into all aspects of the organization, and everyone at Tridon Communications plays an important role in creating a healthy and safe workplace. That’s why we empower our employees with the proper training, equipment, and mentorship to do their job successfully.

Throughout Tridon Communications Health and Safety Manual, there are policies designed to create and sustain safe, healthy work environments and work practices. These policies emphasize that:
  • Tridon Communications is committed to helping Employees understand their right to know how to do their job safely. This includes their right to fully understand the legislation and industry standards that apply to their work scope.
  • Tridon Communications recognizes the importance of competency; all Employees will be trained and competent in the work they conduct.
  • Tridon Communications creates a proactive approach to the identification of workplace hazards. Work will not be conducted without a hazard assessment.
  • Tridon Communications recognizes that all Employees have the obligation to stop work that is unsafe
  • Tridon Communications encourages everyone at our work sites, including Subcontractors, Clients, Suppliers, and the public to be active participants in maintaining health and safety on the work site.

Tridon’s Health and Safety Principles

At Tridon Communications, we believe that health and safety is integrated into the organization.


Everyone is responsible for health and safety


Employees are provided the proper resources to be successful


Everyone working together using industry best practices


Conducting work with health, safety and quality
The health, safety and quality programs support the success of employees

Tridon’s Health and Safety Responsibility

Shot of a engineer using a digital tablet on a construction site

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why Tridon Employees, and those working on our behalf, are responsible for their own safety and well-being, and that of those around them. This responsibility helps create a positive working environment and fosters a collaborative approach to safety amongst our own Team and when we work with yours.

Tridon’s safety standards meet or exceed Alberta’s industry and legislated standards. This is more than a safeguard of the health and well-being of all personnel and assets; it’s good business practice. It creates a productive environment that minimizes downtime due to injury, equipment damage and follow-up investigations. It creates a workplace where everyone can focus on their assigned tasks because the approach to it has been designed with their safety as the top priority.

In addition to setting these high standards, Tridon Communications is COR certified and maintains memberships with:

• ISNetworld
• Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)
• ComplyWorks
• Browz
• Avetta
• Structural Tower Antenna Council (STAC)

Tridon Communications Leading Technology Partners

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