Access Control System

Access Control Systems for Safety and Security of Locations

Engineers using key card to identity verification for access the door or entre the security room.


Controlling who is on your site is the first step in keeping your staff, visitors, equipment, and information safe and secure. With a rock-solid access control system in place, achieving and maintaining that kind of security is a much easier goal to achieve.

Tridon can design, build, install, and maintain that access control system for you—be it for a temporary location, like a construction site, or a permanent application at your facility. From procurement to ongoing maintenance, a Tridon-built access control system will be scalable, allowing you to quickly authorize new users and add new control units. It will safeguard your team, customers, and critical assets from unauthorized access, allowing you to focus your full attention on the objectives of the day.


Our access control solutions can be tailored to meet the specific security needs of your industrial plant or site. Whether something as simple as a single control unit or a complex solution with dozens of units, physical barriers, and health screening stations, we’ve got you covered.

Physical Barriers

From doors and turnstiles to bollards and mantraps, physical barriers are the first line of defense in your access control system.

Door Controllers

Secure all entrances and exits with door controllers that are built with durability and versatility as the top priority.


Solutions like electromagnetic locks and electric door strikes are vital additions to your access control system and overall site security plan.

Health Screening Stations

Keep your staff, customers, and visitors safe and healthy with health screening solutions that can help stop the spread of viruses.


StoneLock GO Facial Recognition Reader

This biometric facial recognition device is designed to provide fast, easy, and effective identity confirmation, even in workplaces with high security requirements.

iO Smart Card Readers & Smart Card

Simple and cost effective, the iO Smart Card Reader helps ensure only authorized personnel gain entry to your site. For additional security, the iO Smart Card Reader is available with keypads for dual factor authentication.

T. Rex Exit Detector

The T. Rex Exit Detector serves as an alternative to push-button options. It targets a specific area for detection, and automatically unlocks and shuts doors, helping security staff easily control foot traffic out of a facility.

Kantech IP Link

Control all of your Kantech access control devices over a network with the IP Link, and your security staff will be able to manage your entire access control system from a centralized location.


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