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Boost Your Business Productivity with Fast and Secure WiFi

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Tridon’s Wifi Solutions

Wi-Fi is now the number one method for connecting to a network, but connectivity problems, like undependable Wi-Fi coverage, is bad for business and productivity. In many industries, nothing is more detrimental to efficiency and productivity than slow Wi-Fi. Personnel will lose valuable time waiting for email messages to send and web pages to load. As with cell phone and radio signals, older and bigger buildings made of solid construction materials such as concrete and plaster can also cause unreliable and spotty Wi-Fi coverage. Other wireless interruption culprits can include too much distance between users and the wireless receiver, interference, poorly placed wireless access points (APs), as well as obsolete equipment.

At Tridon, we can save you the hassle of setting up and managing your commercial Wi-Fi system and network including an industrial Wi-Fi extender. As telecommunications system integrators, we take the guesswork out of the process and make it easy and uncomplicated for you to get your employees working efficiently with a top-of-the-line commercial Wi-Fi system.

Tridon’s Wifi Features


Your network needs to have the capability to start small if necessary, but expand in terms of coverage and capacity as needed - without having to overhaul or build an entirely new network.

Network Access Control

It is vital to have a secure method for registering and safeguarding the devices that you don't own. Network access control allows your users to register themselves to the network--a helpful feature that enhances the user experience.


Planning for WiFi today means planning for roaming. Roaming allows your end-users to move from one access point to another without ever noticing a decline in performance.


Downtime is detrimental to productivity. If WiFi goes down everything comes to a grinding stop. The amount of redundancy your WiFi system requires depends on your specific environment and requirements.


Building an air-tight network doesn’t come down to just one component alone; it’s about many components all working together just right to keep your data and your end-users safe.

High-Capacity Load Balancing

With the bigger demand on your wireless infrastructure, you must incorporate high-capacity load balancing. This means, when one access point is overloaded, the system will shift users from one access point to another depending on the capacity that is available.

Tridon’s Engineering Solutions

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Our Communications Engineers have the skills and expertise required to design your telecommunications system, meaning you can focus on the objectives of the day. Our solutions are tailored to meet your project needs. From detailed needs analysis through detailed design, and development of comprehensive documentation and work packages, Tridon will ensure systems we design function and perform to your exacting standards.


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