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6172 50 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6B 2N7

Tridon Communications - Telecommunication Systems Integrator

Tridon Communications Edmonton is located in the Oxford Cityview Business Park. Originally Communications Group Edmonton, this location joined the Tridon Group of Companies in 2008. Here, Tridon’s clients can take advantage of the full range of our wired and wireless telecommunications services.

Tridon Edmonton Services

At Tridon Edmonton, we have built our reputation on exceptional technical service for our customers. With factory trained technicians and our dedicated staff of engineers, Tridon Communications is the leading telecommunications system integrator in the region. Whether you are looking to design a new telecommunications system, get your current equipment repaired, or develop a custom maintenance agreement for your business, our professional technical services team is here to help.

Tridon Communications

Tridon Communications is dedicated to supplying communications solutions to western Canada’s industries, and we have been since 1981. We started in our hometown, Fort McMurray, before growing our business to include locations in Calgary and Edmonton.

We believe in local. We employ well over 100 Albertan’s and hire directly from world-class local institutions like the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and the University of Alberta. We live here, play here, and Albertan businesses have supported our growth, helping us become what we are today. That’s why it’s our duty and our privilege to give back to the community.

Tridon Communications Technology Partners

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