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Tridon’s Industrial Machine Learning Service

Machine learning is the ability of a computer to recognize and advise – and even act – on a recognized pattern. The patterns are trained into the system with collections of historical data. And, like any piece of software, updates can enhance a computer’s ability to recognize new patterns and responds can be enhanced, with insight and oversight from subject matter experts. As more information is added to the database, your system’s knowledge, and ability to respond grows. Essentially, your system, like your staff, can be trained and developed on an ongoing basis.

Rather than start low level coding, utilize Tridon’s industrial machine learning services. We can guide you to a platform approach to take you from proof of concept to production with machine learning. We have partnerships with leading solutions providers like NTWIST and With Tridon as your local point of contact, we can put together the cross functional team to ensure project success.


More and more, leadership teams are recognizing the efficiency advantages artificial intelligence can bring to an operation. Unfortunately, the challenges that come with implementation sees many AI-initiatives fall short of expectations. This is where Tridon can help.
Our experience implementing AI-systems means we’ve likely helped clients through challenges similar to yours. So, if your starting fresh, scaling up, or just trying to catch up, we can help. Here’s how.

Getting Started

We’ll work with our partners to provide an easy to understand, machine learning, toolkit that fits the context of your industrial application. We’ll provide you with problem-solving workflows built on automated machine learning to conduct multiple PoCs and pilots quickly without investing in a lot of infrastructure.

Scaling Up

By teaming up with partners like Quartic, we’ll turn your legacy data into contextual smart data with automated data preparation to eliminate data engineering efforts. With our guided workflows you can build intelligence applications with speed and deploy them across the enterprise at scale in a robust platform at the edge or in the cloud.



illuminator helps you build and manage an OT data lake that provides IIoT, OT, MES, and ERP data in dynamic context to applications in Quartic Intelligence Engine. For advanced users, it also provides a fully integrated contextual data pipe to build AI applications with tools and libraries of their choice.


eXponence™ Intelligence Engine uses automated machine learning, a rules engine, and complex event processing to build operations intelligence applications. The intelligence is then used in industrial workflows for reliability, quality, throughput, and energy to drive operational efficiency actions. The intelligence created with eXponence™ applications can be distributed across the enterprise at the edge and the cloud. Intelligence output can either be visualized in the Quartic AI platform or in existing OT, MES and ERP systems.


Ntwist works a little bit differently than other solution providers on the market. Rather than simply offering you a product or software, they work with Tridon to provide a range of consulting services to nail down the specifics of each clients’ needs. From there, we collaborate to build a custom solution to fit your application. Here’s just a handful of ways we can help.

OT & IT Data Pipeline

End-to-end solution that fits seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure and control Instrumentation.

Proprietary Models

Get insights that can't be provided by conventional rule-based algorithms.

Contextual Model Integration

AI — not because it sounds fancy but because it addresses your specific needs.

Self – Adaption

Models that stay true without re-training.


Plan big, start small, avoid the risk.

Cloud & On-prem Deployment

Your plant, your choice — we respect your preference.


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