What is  AFRRCS?
The Alberta First Responder Radio Communication System (AFRRCS) is a two-way radio communication network designed to provide first responders across the province with secure  communications and departmental interoperability during operational activities and incident responses.

AFRCCS has deployed a province-wide P25 trunked radio system: P25 is a North American public safety radio standard, driven by APCO (Association of Public Safety Communications Officers)

  • The new AFFRCS network replaces Alberta’s aging RCMP PACS system and the MDMRS (Multi-Departmental Mobile Radio System) used by Alberta government agencies

VP900_All-ModelsWhen will it be available?

  • Current go-live date is July 1, 2016


Participating in AFRRCS is voluntary.

  • First Responders (Police/ Fire/ EMS) are priority users and can access the system at no charge
  • Approved municipal service agencies can access AFRRCS for a negotiated fee


  • P25 Radios from the approved radio list: AFRRCS has published a list of several approved radios from various manufacturers that are certified for operation on the system. Some approved radios may let you communicate on your existing radio system as well as AFRRCS
  • Registration and programming onto the network by an approved AFRRCS Technical Administrator.
  • Tridon has multiple approved Technical Administrators ready to get you activated!


How Can Tridon help?

  • Transition Planning: Tridon can work with you to help determine where AFRRCS fits into your communications needs
    • Will AFRRCS meet all your requirements (coverage/ paging/ corporate communications)
    • How can I smoothly transition some or all of my radio users safety and efficiently


  • Product Selection
    • Tridon offers a full range of proven, approved P25 radios and dispatch consoles from Motorola, EF Johnson, Avtec and Kenwood to meet the needs of any AFRRCS user
  • System Integration
    • Whether you just need a few radios to communicate occasionally on AFFRCS during mutual aid events, or you need a complete AFRRCS deployment, including multi-band interoperability and operational dispatch consoles, Tridon’s experienced network integration team will help you through a successful deployment

If you would like to talk more about what AFRRCS can do for your organization
please visit our 
webpage or contact us:

  • Email: connect@tridon.com
  • Phone: Ft. McMurray: 780.791.1002 | Edmonton: 780.436.5566 | Athabasca: 780.675.3938
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