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Keeping facilities, equipment, and most importantly, people, safe and secure is a top priority for any business.  That’s why they secure computers with passwords and restricted areas with keypads and card readers.  Some businesses go a step further by employing security staff to prevent theft, vandalism and other incidents.

But other businesses go further still and incorporate CCTV into their security solutions and not just in shopping malls and retail outlets.  If you take public transit in Edmonton, you’ll notice cameras on buses, trains and at LRT stations.  CCTV cameras provide security for students and staff on Calgary school campuses, too. The truth is, you can find them across industries and sectors – from manufacturing and hospitality to healthcare and government services – all over Alberta.

Here are a few of the benefits these organizations are getting from their CCTV systems.


They Deter Criminal Activity


Theft, vandalism, property damage and, in some cases, acts of violence.  These are just a few of the criminal activities that can happen at a facility. But, having a CCTV system in place can help reduce the frequency.   Sometimes, surveillance systems are designed to keep security cameras hidden. Should this be the case, signs posted around the facility can serve as a deterrent by letting would-be criminals know they are being monitored.

Alternatively, CCTV cameras can be installed in a more obvious way so that everyone can see where they are and be encouraged to stay on their best behaviour.

In either case, a well-designed surveillance system can help deter criminal activity because ‘getting away with it’ has become much more difficult.


They Collect Evidence

In the event of criminal activity or any other incident that requires investigation, a well-designed CCTV system becomes invaluable.  Cameras can capture images or a live recording of the event, how it unfolded and who was involved.

If surveillance systems are monitored in real-time, an emergency response (security, first aid, etc.) can be dispatched immediately, providing additional safety benefits to your facility and personnel alike.


The benefits of this evidence go beyond any investigation; they also provide the grounds for corrective action.  If criminal activity or dangerous incidents were made more likely due to negligence (e.g. a door left propped open) or unsafe work practices (e.g. dangerous use of a forklift), having a record of it can help shape the response to the incident, making the facility a safer place.


They Can Be Monitored from Anywhere


Modern CCTV systems from manufacturers like Avigilon allow facility security to be monitored from anywhere, even mobile devices.  Avigilon’s cameras are capable of gathering video analytics and collecting footage from all angles.

This can provide a major boost to your security efforts.  For example, should there be activity on-site during a time when there normally isn’t or shouldn’t be, a notification can be sent to a manager’s smartphone in seconds.  If it turns out that there is a genuine threat to site or personnel safety, the manager can immediately take action.


They Help You to Control Access to Restricted Areas


In previous blogs, we’ve talked about access control.  In a nutshell, it’s the practice of securing a site and areas in your facility so only authorized personnel can gain access (and in some cases, only during certain times).  Video surveillance is a natural add-on to these security measures.

CCTV cameras can be installed on the entrances to these restricted areas so managers and security personnel can see who is coming and going in real-time, and also have a record of that foot or vehicle traffic. These cameras can also be used to confirm the identity of those attempting to obtain access, and security personnel can grant or deny entry from a remote location.

With tools like this, security personnel can be more prepared to respond to the unexpected.  If an unauthorized person enters a restricted area in Calgary’s Saddledome, for example, CCTV systems can notify airport staff and they can respond accordingly. If a suspicious vehicle arrives at an Oil Sands mine site north of Fort McMurray, video surveillance installed at the gate will let security teams know, and they too can respond if necessary.


They Offer Some Peace of Mind

Managers, staff, customers, and visitors want to be safe.  And when they come to a store or a hotel or a manufacturing facility, they want to know that their security is treated as a top priority.  A video surveillance system in place lets everyone know business owners are actively trying to deter reckless, unwanted, dangerous and potentially criminal activities at their place of business.


Getting Started


If you’re reviewing your facility’s CCTV solution – or considering installing one for the first time – get in touch with Tridon.  Our team of Technicians and Client Support Specialists is well-experienced in providing security solutions to businesses in commercial and industrial settings.  They can guide you through the process of design and implementation and provide the equipment and solution that fits your safety requirements.



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