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Your construction projects depend on rugged, durable and sophisticated systems to help ensure your crew members stay connected, secure and productive. Those communications systems will have to provide peak performance 24/7, sometimes in harsh environments or during extreme weather.  These are systems Tridon Communications can provide.

By working with Suppliers like Motorola, Kenwood, Cambium and Redline, the solution we build will help ensure safety and productivity on the construction site. Whether it’s a small project on a single site requiring a dozen radios. or a large-scale construction project requiring thousands of radios and wide-are coverage capability.

What we offer:

  • Engineered infrastructure to provide communications throughout your operating area.
  • Temporary or rental systems of any size to meet non-permanent communications needs.
  • Mil-Spec user equipment to ensure your radios survive the harshest environments
  • A full range of intrinsically safe options, when needed.
  • Wireless headsets with hearing protection that allow for hands-free communication.
  • Voice and data functions that keep managers at head office informed of events on the ground and widespread teams coordinated and protected.
  • Text-messaging for instant communication.
  • Emergency alert and work-alone functionality, ideal for teams working in isolation.
  • GPS tracking for vehicles, assets and personnel.

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