Tridon understands the demanding and complex communications needs of our mining Clients. We work with our Customers across Alberta’s mining sector – from the Fort McMurray Oil Sands to the coal mines south of Edmonton – to design cost effective communications systems that improve team safety, reduce costly downtime and boost production.

What we offer:

  • Integrated solutions, engineered to provide clear, consistent and uninterrupted voice and data transmission over large operational areas.
  • Rugged, durable communications equipment built to Mil-Spec and CSA safety standards.
  • Radios and accessories designed for loud and clear communication in noisy, hazardous conditions.
  • Built in safety features, like hearing protection, emergency alarm, Lone Worker and Man-Down alerting.
  • Radios with enhanced battery life that can keep workers connected for extended shifts on a single charge.
  • Dispatch solutions to track and maintain contact with your fleet and staff
  • Portable towers and signal boosters that can move and provide coverage as your mine changes and grows

To see the rugged communications equipment we offer, click here to find a radio.

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