Public Safety & Government

Public Safety & Government

Tridon works with our partners, Motorola and Kenwood, to provide a range of communications solutions for public safety organizations in central and northern Alberta. These tools help first responders minimize response time and establish immediate connection when seconds count.

What we offer:

  • Speaker mics with built-in body cameras that allow officers to communicate clearly, while capturing and recording evidence in real-time as events unfold.
  • Loud, rugged, P-25 portable radios for firefighters.
  • GPS Personnel Tracking that allows command to monitor the location of each crew member.
  • Long-range communications that enable paramedics to communicate instantly with dispatch and find the fastest route to get a patient to an emergency department.

To find equipment made for emergency services, click here to find a radio.

Have questions about the Alberta First Responder Radio Communications System? Talk to one of our AFRRCS Technical Administrators.

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