• Watchguard WatchGuard 4RE: Law Enforcement In-Car Video

Watchguard WatchGuard 4RE: Law Enforcement In-Car Video

The most trusted. The most advanced. The most widely deployed in-car system.

Get the whole picture. With multiple camera options, livestreaming, high security storage and upload, and collaborative integration with V300 body-worn cameras. Law enforcement officers can trust the WatchGuard 4RE to be a reliable witness.

  • Advanced features

    A simple dash-cam is no longer good enough. That’s why the 4RE is built with advanced technology to keep officers safer. Record-after-the-Fact allows you to go back in time to retrieve video footage – even if the record button was never pressed. License Plate Recognition (LPR) gives officers actionable intelligence to keep them safer at every traffic stop. And live-streaming gives your command staff the technology they need to monitor threats and act in real-time.

  • Automatic upload

    The 4RE can be configured to upload video evidence with no officer intervention. No need to drive to the police station. No more fumbling with hard drives. It’s all taken care of.

  • Available anywhere

    Wherever there’s a network, the 4RE can upload video evidence quickly and securely – whether you prefer FirstNet LTE, local WiFi, or simply the strongest available signal.

  • Body-worn camera integration

    Even with the excellent coverage of the panoramic camera, it’s still important to capture multiple points of view. The 4RE has been carefully integrated with the WatchGuard V300 continuous-operation body-worn camera to give you a more complete view. Associate one or more V300 devices with the 4RE and they’ll work together seamlessly as a single system. Now every incident can be captured from all aspects, with collaborative activation and synchronized playback.

  • Designed for purpose

    The 4RE is designed specifically for the most demanding environment: law enforcement. The system can be customized for your requirements, whether you need a powerful zoom camera or a wide-angle panoramic camera. It’s simple to use, even in high-velocity situations: An intuitive touchscreen complemented with action buttons shaped for operation by touch. And with its dual-drive architecture, recordings are saved to SSD and USB simultaneously, giving you options for event transfer and backup.

  • Dual-drive architecture, for maximum flexibility
  • Event-based resolution, for storage efficiency
  • Intuitive, icon-driven UI, with direct action keys
  • License plate recognition, for actionable data
  • Prioritized queuing

    The 4RE understands that video evidence for an assault should be prioritized higher than a recording of a routine traffic offense warning, and knows to send it first.

  • Record-after-the-Fact, for post-incident retrieval
  • Recover critical evidence after the fact

    Record-After-the-Fact® (RATF) technology gives agencies the ability to go back in time and capture video from events – days after they happened.

  • Seamless integration with V300 body-worn cameras
  • Secure backup, cellular upload and live-streaming
  • Smart management

    The challenge is far more than just capturing video evidence: you also have to manage it. The WatchGuard 4RE uses patented multi-resolution technology to ensure you can keep your storage costs under control. It records incidents in HD and standard definition simultaneously: event categories then determine which files are kept. And with the FirstNet-compatible LTE router, you can upload video quickly and securely to Evidence Library, for easy storage, redaction and distribution.

  • Wide choice of cameras and installation options
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