Some of the best features in today’s data and two-way radios come from software, not hardware. That means your radios have to be programmed to deliver the safety and productivity specifications you need. Our Service Technicians have programmed thousands of two-way mobile and handheld radios with software from Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, and many other popular radio brands.

Programming services include:

  • Designing and installing customized code plugs that tell your radios what channels to use, which radios to connect to and which radio features to activate and access.
  • Designing Fleet Maps to allow various groups within your fleet to communicate while avoiding crosstalk.
  • Scheduled remote updating of the software supporting your radios to enhance performance without taking radios out of service.
  • Assigning talk groups to allow various teams working on the same project to communicate without interrupting one-another.
  • Planning, designing and implementing conventional and trunked radio systems.
  • Reviewing radio safety and emergency features and programming those that meet the needs of work site requirements.
  • Helping to build communications plans that are ‘future-proofed’ or designed for the growth and change of your operational needs.

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