Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Safety is rapidly becoming a top priority for Alberta business owners, and video surveillance systems are the tools they are turning to. A Tridon-built solution will be tailored to suit the needs of your job site or facility, ensuring you have a system that provides security and peace of mind. The need for camera range, high-definition imagery, low-light operation, and even intrinsic safety will be met by the solution we implement.

When paired with robust video analytics features, surveillance systems enable your security team to take a proactive approach to security. Analytics instantly alert your team when suspicious activity is noted anywhere on site, be it an unauthorized visitor, erratic driving, or unusual motion in a sensitive area.

  • CCTV system design
  • Equipment procurement – Cameras, recorders, and hard drives
  • CCTV camera programming
  • In-building and in-vehicle camera installation
  • Structured cabling layouts to support your CCTV system
  • Ongoing hardware maintenance and support for your system
  • Integration with your two-way radio system

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