Simple, Effective Communication: Why Businesses Use the MOTOTBRO CP200d

Loud, clear and reliable voice communication is the first thing business owners look for when they invest in two-way radios.  They also have to factor in the radio’s affordability and what, if any, learning curves their team will have to navigate as they learn to use it. The MOTOTBRO CP200d from Motorola Solutions is one of the manufacturer’s most popular radios, simply because it meets all that critical criteria:  The audio quality is excellent, its design makes for simple and intuitive use, and it’s affordable, especially when customers take advantage of Motorola’s two-way radio trade-in offer.

If you’d like to learn more about why business owners turn to the CP200d, keep reading.  Or, you can Contact Us, and we’ll help you decide if this is the right radio solution for your team and project.

It’s Affordable

The difference between ‘affordable’ and ‘cheap’ is quality, and Motorola’s CP200d is an excellent radio for operations-critical, push-to-talk, voice communications.  It manages to do this by stripping away some of the features entry-level radio users have found unnecessary, like a keypad or LCD screen, giving users easy access to loud, clear radio communication.

To make getting into a set of these radios easier, Motorola often offers a trade-in discount.  Bring your old radios into Tridon when you buy the CP200d, and we can offer a discount on the purchase price.  Get in touch for more details.

It’s Durable

Just because the CP200d is a more affordable two-way radio doesn’t mean it’s cheaply made.  Motorola puts the CP200d through rigorous testing, it achieves MIL-STD (Military Standards) 810 C through F.  It can get dirty, or dropped on the ground or a concrete floor, and still perform within spec.  It’s operating temperature ranges from -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees above zero, meaning it’ll keep transmitting and receiving during a frigid Fort McMurray winter, in an industrial freezer and extreme heat that’s hard to find anywhere in Canada.

Motorola’s CP200d two-way radio also offers an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 54.   The means the components of the radio are protected against dust entering the housing, even against particles as small as 1mm, as well as water spray from all directions.  While you may not be able to drop it in a lake or a swimming pool, you can equip your security team with this two-way radio as they patrol the perimeter of your facility. Regardless of the weather conditions.  You can also give them to your warehouse or manufacturing team and know that the radios will stand up to what can be a dirty or dusty work environment.

It’s Digital

If you’re used to using two-way radios, you’ve probably heard someone tell you how the technology is shifting from an analog to a digital focus.  That’s for a good reason.

Digital radios offer better coverage.  While analog signals fade and distort the closer you get to the edge of a coverage area, digital radio signals maintain their integrity right up to the edge.  That means the crystal-clear audio at every point in the coverage area.

On top of a consistently reliable signal, the C200d also offers built-in noise cancellation software. That means the background noise of your work environment – engines, machinery, fans, and so on – will be filtered out of your transmission, making it easier for team members to hear and understand the message on the first try.

It Can Transmit in Analog, Too

Even though digital two-way radios have a sizable footprint in the market already, many businesses are still using analog radios so they can get the most out of the money they invested.  In order to make the transition to digital easier, the CP200d has been designed to operate in both analog and digital.  That means you can migrate your communication system from analog to digital at your own pace.

It’s Easy to Use

With a single push-to-talk (PTT) button, a channel selector, and gain control, the CP200d is an easy radio to master.  Once it’s programmed with the frequencies you need, your team will be able to communicate like radio veterans in no time.

But, the CP200d still offers some valuable features, like Transmit Interrupt.  If there is an ongoing radio conversation, a manager (with Transmit Interrupt enabled) can interrupt it to relay important, sometimes critical, information.

To see the full specification sheet, click here.

Getting Started

The affordability, simplicity, durability and audio clarity are just a few of the reasons the CP200d is such a popular two-way radio.  We’ve used it to support clients all over Alberta with resounding success.

If you’d like a quote, or if you’d like to see if this radio is the best fit for your operation, Contact Us. Our Account Managers and Service technicians are here to help.



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