Tridon’s Radio Selector

Knowing what two-way radio is best for your organization and work site can be confusing. We have developed this easy-to-use radio selector to help customers determine the right radio for their job. It will take you about 30 seconds to answer the questions we have about your workplace, and we will recommend a two-way radio for your consideration.

5 Easy Questions about Your Work site:

  • Recommend Either a Motorola or Kenwood Radio
  • Detailed information on the radio and accessories
  • Request a quote from our team on your radio recommended

Tridon is a certified Motorola Solutions & Kenwood Communications Partner, with access to the most dependable communications systems. We can help you choose a two-way radio system that is reliable, from a single site to province-wide coverage, our communication solutions give you the consistent communication you need to keep your team safe and efficient. 


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