5 Must Have Security Technologies for Your Industrial Worksite

Security systems are an integral part of keeping an organization safe. Numerous factors go into creating a safe working environment, particularly in industrial workplaces in the oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, and mining industries, as well as government organizations. Effectively protecting a workplace from dangers both inside and out requires the proper equipment. Take a look at our security solutions and the benefits, they would have at your worksite before an incident arises.

CCTV Video Security

CCTV systems are one of the fundamental security solutions everyone is familiar with. Beyond the ability to monitor the goings-on at a site in real time while recording activity for later use, the presence of visible security cameras is itself a deterrent to crime and reckless behaviour. Cameras present various challenges to any potential trespassers by making a location much less attractive for theft or other illicit activities.

They also record evidence of any crimes that may still happen on the premises. For the workers and management at the site, they provide a sense of security that enables them to work more effectively. As a bonus, CCTV installation is a simple matter for any experienced technicians and – with proper system design – leaves few, if any, blind spots when done properly, ensuring complete coverage of a location.

Access Control

Being able to control who can enter specific areas of a workplace is extremely important for security. While traditional locks and keys may be enough for low-priority areas, a sophisticated access control system is simply more effective when controlling and tracking access..

An access control system enables greater control over who can and cannot access a workplace. Badges, swipe cards, and other forms of credential can be activated and deactivated easily and are much harder to duplicate compared to keys. In the event of a threat or incident, an access control system can be used to trigger alarms and alert on-site security personnel, as well as first responders.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video Monitoring

Artificial intelligence is now able to assist in video monitoring duties at a workplace. Allowing AI video monitoring services to run at a site can improve security and threat response. The AI-driven software is able to monitor the events across a busy, sprawling site in real time and instantly alert security staff when threats or incidents occur, or seem likely to. Additional benefits include facial and object recognition (e.g. vehicles) as well as the ability to quickly search through several hours of security footage from multiple cameras. The end result is a faster investigation process and the mitigation of human errors brought on by fatigued security guards manually searching these records for evidence.

Public Address and General Alarm

Public address and general alarm (PAGA) systems have always been an important part of helping workplaces function safely, particularly those with noisy or dangerous conditions. PAGA systems work to keep everyone on a job site aware of important information and potential threats to safety, like a fire or a gas leak. During a crisis, having the ability to alert all staff, customers, and visitors of a problem in a clear and unmistakable way will quite literally save lives.

Two-Way Radio Communication

Many industries require an easy way to contact workers during their shifts, and two-way radios are an effective means of doing this. Durable and reliable radio communication equipment can aid in facilitating communication between individuals, groups, or everyone a site and leads to better operational efficiency.

Radios work particularly well in the oil and gas or mining sectors, because of special safety features built into the design. Hazardous workplaces can leverage features like the Man Down notifications that can alert others to the location of a staff member in distress and needing help.

To run an effective workplace, security is key. Whether it’s safety from outside threats, potential on-site hazards, or anything in between, having effective security solutions tailored to the needs of those in industrial settings is vital to creating the safest job site possible.

If you’re in the market for quality security products and services, contact Tridon Communications today to learn more about how we can help secure your organization and to request a quote.

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