Proper Radio Tuning Ensures Peak Performance of Your Radio System

Why do I care about radio tuning?

Several components in your radio are subject to drifting out of alignment over time, and with today’s digital radios, proper alignment is even more critical to ensure your radios perform as needed.  Proper tuning ensures that your radio is exactly on-frequency and set to optimal performance downloadspecifications. For example, a misaligned radio may transmit slightly off frequency or at reduced power, or its receiver may lose a signal  prematurely.

How do I know if my radios need a tune-up?

The signs of a misaligned radio may not always be obvious. For this reason, manufacturers recommend the reference oscillator and other tuneable components should be checked every time the radio is serviced, or once a year, whichever comes first. Some radios performing worse than others is one indication. Signs of an out of tune radio include poor coverage, garbled audio and clipped transmissions.

How can Tridon help?tune_up_man-300x298

Tridon offers a complete range of preventative maintenance and fault analysis services. As part of our Alignment Service, some of the measurements we review include:

  • Frequency alignment
  • Power output
  • Receiver sensitivity
  • Modulation balance
  • Distortion

Portable radios will also have batteries analyzed and check the match or performance of the radios antenna ( another common problem.)


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