Tridon’s Commitment to Community: FragaPalooza

For over 35 years, Tridon Communications has built a reputation for service excellence and has become a dominant supplier of wireless communication products and solutions in Northern Alberta. Our team of over 100 motivated specialists is ready to deliver a superior customer experience from any one of our five regional service locations

Our organization continues to build on its reputation of service excellence; we work with our customers in all industry, business and service sectors to develop strategic solutions that are safe, dependable and cost-effective.


Our expertise covers the full range of wireless communication requirements including two way radios, cellular, cellular enhancement, last mile solutions; from scoping studies and initial pilot projects, to site construction, live deployment, and operations. We also provide lifecycle support and technology transition to ensure our clients always have the best and most reliable solutions as their needs evolve and technology advances.

Not only is Tridon committed to our customers, we are also committed to our community. We are proud to support the volunteer activities of our staff and have readily invested in the local community through charitable giving and infrastructure development.


Tridon is thrilled to have another opportunity by supporting a community event, Fragapalooza.

When we spoke to Michael Hollands, Vice President of Fragapalooza, he was excited to get things rolling for their annual lan gaming party.

Upon meeting Michael and learning about Fragapalooza and how their team would communicate with one another, we assessed that Fragapalooza” is held in a rather large event area with a dozen staff members that handle different areas of expertise during the event. Staying in contact with each other is crucial in maintaining a high level of customer service and safety.

Tridon’s expert team decided two-way radios would be the most effective tool for their event. With radios, the sound quality would be clearer, instant communications to the entire team will allow a timely and collaborative approach to any concerns and the new radios offer a small form factor which is easy to carry.

“Tridon Communications stepped up to help Fragapalooza when we needed radios for our event. Everyone has been so helpful and we couldn’t be happier! Not only did Warren immediately offer his help, but the Tridon staff are going the extra mile to help us promote our event using their own social media accounts!” – Michael Hollands

Fragapalooza has been held in Leduc, Alberta for over five years running. Fragapolooza has twelve staff members contributing their talents in network, power, and organization solutions for the event. The event is successful year after year through the gaming passions of not only their staff, but also the volunteers. Fragapalooza is a community supporter and always has the end goal of giving back.

Fragapalooza has something to offer for everyone. The main activity is playing multiplayer online games, but further they embrace console gamers, team activities such as dodge ball; rock, paper, scissors tournaments; volleyball games; scavenger hunts; and much more.

This year’s event will take place August 4th – 7th from 10am-10pm. The public is welcome to view the lan party during the listed hours. All ages are encouraged to attend. In the past, Fragapalooza has enjoyed seeing children to seniors participating and having fun in the vast array of activities Fragapalooza has to offer.

“Without Tridon Communications, we would be unable to communicate in a timely fashion, which would ultimately hurt the operation of the event itself.” –Michael Hollands


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