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The XPR 6000 series of portable two-way radios can be found in industries all over Alberta.  Take a tour of the oil and gas, manufacturing, or forestry operations dotted around Edmonton, Calgary, and Fort McMurray, and you’ll see the 6000 series keeping crews connected and safe.

But technology evolves, and digital radio technology is no different.  The XPR 7000e Series is an example of that evolution. It is packed with improved and completely new features that will make it easier for your team to conduct mission-critical communications.

To make it easier for businesses to make the switch, Motorola Solutions is offering a trade-in discount.  It’ll help you get into the newer portable radios at a lower price point while also ensuring your legacy radios get recycled properly.

If you’d like to learn more about the trade-in program, Contact Us. Our Account Managers are here to help.  Otherwise, keep reading to see a handful of the reasons why it’s time to upgrade your radio equipment.

Most Importantly: The XPR 6000 Series Has Reached Its End-of-Life

If you are using the XPR 6000 series of handheld radios, and they are working well (or well enough), then you might not see the need to upgrade. But, when a radio reaches its end-of-life, manufacturers like Motorola Solutions stop making spare parts for it. That also means your radio provider will run out of parts for the 6000 series pretty quickly.  Once you get to that point, repairing your XPR 6000 series radios will be impossible and you’ll be forced to upgrade, maybe even at an inopportune time.

The best thing you can do is work with your radio provider and start planning for your migration to a new radio solution today.

Vastly Superior Battery Life

Having to stop and swap out a dead battery for a fully charged one is a nuisance.  Having to trek back to the gang charger to deposit the dead battery can feel like a frustrating waste of time, especially when your team is working on a tight timetable.

By offering a maximum of 29 hours of battery life when operating in digital mode (22 hours in analog) the XPR 7000e series makes far more efficient use of battery power.  This means fewer trips to the gang charger, and less wasted time, as a single charge is more than enough to last a full day, let alone a full shift.

By comparison, the XPR 6000 series can last 21 hours when operating in digital, and only 13.5 hours in analog.  Limited battery capacity could mean more trips to the charging station, and even more money spent on batteries so workers can communicate without interruption.

Improved Range

The XPR 7000e series can transmit voice and data, unassisted, 8% further than its XPR 6000 series predecessors.  While this may not seem like much, it does allow for greater flexibility in how wide-area radio systems are designed, and how supporting infrastructure, like repeaters, are deployed.  That, in turn, can lead to cost savings in your overall project budget.

Voice Announcement

With MOTOTRBO Voice Announcement enabled on your XPR 7000e portable radios, actions or alerts can be confirmed with a brief audio clip.  This may sound like a small convenience, but it can be useful if you accidentally switch to the wrong channel or start working in a new zone.  An added benefit is that, by playing the audio clip confirming a change (like switching to a new channel), your workers can use their radios without taking their eyes off their work. That can make for a more consistently productive day.

Five Color Display and Enhanced SINC

The 5-color display that comes standard with XPR 7000e series radios means your team will be able to easily read critical text alerts and menus on their portable radio.  And the improvements made to SINC (Single Input Noise Cancellation) mean more effective background noise-suppression, which is essential when you have team members working in high-noise environments.

Motorola Essential Services

With Motorola Essential Service warranty protection, you can get up to five years of comprehensive hardware repair and software service on your portable radios.  To put that into context, five years is about the life cycle of a portable radio used in Alberta’s more rugged industries, like construction or oil and gas.

Having this level of protection on your handheld radio fleet means you won’t have to pay out of pocket for repairs for the life of your equipment.  When repairs are needed, you can simply drop them off at your provider.

Getting Started

We touched on a few of the reasons why now is the time to upgrade to the XPR 7000e series, but there are others, like Wi-Fi capabilities and Bluetooth audio.  The best way to know if these portable radios are going to be an improvement for your operation will be to try them for yourselves.

So, if you’d like to book a demo, or just talk to someone and get more information, Contact Us. Our team is here to help.



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