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The power of modern security solutions is remarkable.  While there is still a need for a human presence, the artificial intelligence baked into modern video surveillance and access control systems gives Alberta’s business owners a great deal more flexibility in deciding how to deploy their personnel.

What’s more, the depth of information AI-driven security systems can provide, as well as the speed at which they can deliver it, pave the way for increasingly rapid response and shorter investigation time cycles.  These new security systems will even be able to alert your security team when there is the potential for an incident based on the information collected.

To be clear:  we aren’t talking about science fiction or crystal balls.  This technology is already in place in industries throughout Alberta and the rest of the world.  If you’d like to make AI-driven security systems part of your solution, Contact Us.

Or, keep reading to see some examples.

Access Control

Access control systems protect the most sensitive and vital parts of your operation based on information (e.g. lists of authorized personnel) programmed into them.  By integrating newer, intelligent access control systems into your security solution, you allow them to use automation as a means of augmenting and improving your facility’s security.

An access control system can be set up to detect criteria that are of importance to you.  For example, say your business requires fob keys for employees to enter outside of regular business hours but is open to the public during that time frame.  You could program your system to recognize the change in time as a condition with the corresponding response being to deny access without a fob.  What’s more, systems like Avigilon’s Access Control Manager can be used to send reports to managers whenever access attempts are made outside of normal hours.  Knowing who is in your building, and when, can be vital information in the event of an incident.

The value of being able to track people can also be seen in Avigilon’s Muster feature.  Watch the demo below to learn more.

Video Surveillance

Video analytics can take investigation cycles down from hours to minutes or even seconds.  We’ve talked about the search tools Avigilon has created, but they are worth mentioning again. Features like Unusual Motion Detection might be the clearest example of artificial intelligence.

Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) is an analytics-based feature that monitors the movement on your site to determine what is normal and then alerts security if anything happens that defies the norm.  For example, if your surveillance cameras catch someone driving erratically, be it in a parking lot or down a private road, security will be immediately notified when an alert is sent. UMD will even recognize idling as unusual and will notify security if a person or vehicle is loitering near a secured area.

Monitoring Large Groups

If you’re working security at a concert or hockey game in Edmonton, you know that picking a single person out of the crowd can be extremely challenging, even with high-definition video and imagery.  And, if you can’t pick a person out, there’s no way to monitor their activity.  You need powerful, AI-driven software – as part of your surveillance system – to get this done effectively.  Avigilon’s software is packed with these types of analytics.

Features like Facial Recognition will enable your security system to pick one face out of a crowd of hundreds, or even thousands. Self-learning analytics like Classified Object Motion Detection can learn to separate typical movement (like a person walking) from threatening behavior and alert security staff accordingly.  Gun Detection is a feature that will let you know if a person is armed. Having that information before a response is dispatched can save lives.

Automating Tasks

Repetitive, everyday tasks – like unlocking doors for regular business hours – is something that can easily be assigned to your AI-driven access control management system, but so are more complicated tasks, like reviewing surveillance footage.

With multiple cameras installed on your site or in your facility, you could record hundreds of hours of footage in a single day.  Your staff does not have the time to review all of that and perform the remainder of their duties.  But analytics-based search tools like the ones we’ve described already can do that for you.  In addition to alerting your security team of any suspicious activity, your video management system can review hundreds of hours of footage in minutes.

While the system is already set up to alert you to suspicious or unusual activity, having the ability to watch large volumes of footage quickly can greatly reduce investigation times.  Your security team can ask the system to cast a wide net (e.g. all instances of a suspicious person on site for the entire week) and the records will be delivered far more quickly than a person could find them manually. From there, investigators can devote their time to reviewing relevant information.

Getting Started

There is still a need for a physical, human presence in your security system.  Even with information disseminated, alarms sounded, and lockdowns initiated, people are still key to effective investigations and conflict resolution.

But, AI-supported tools and systems will help you deploy those people more efficiently and help them accomplish their mission more effectively.  So, if you’re ready to incorporate AI into your security solution, or simply curious about what it would look like, Contact Us. Our Account Managers are here to help.


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