Motorola NMN6274 APX™ XP Remote Speaker Microphone

Model Number:  NMN6274

XP delivers intelligible audio in the presence of typical law enforcement and Emergency Medical Services environmental noise. The 3.5mm threaded earpiece jack is located on the connection between the APX radio and RSM, which allows the earpiece wire to be routed under clothing to prevent snags or grabs. Full radio volume control, an emergency button, one programmable function button, and a large protected but accessible PTT. Also available without earpiece jack in an IP68 submersible model (NMN6271). Compatible earpieces and field serviceable items identified below.

A dual microphone array together with an adaptive audio algorithm suppress the level of traffic, crowd, or siren noise relative to the speaker’s voice level improving transmit intelligibility. Packed into a package optimized for thinness by removal of the 3.5mm earpiece jack, the XP RSM wears extremely close to the body and thus is a favorite of law enforcement. A specially designed 360-degree rotation shoulder clip with D-ring provides flexibility in XP wearing options. Consider the following private listening earpieces: black extra loud earpiece with ear hanger (BDN6727), extra loud earpiece with cleaer acoustic tube (RLN5313) and add the long wear clear comfortable earpieces (RLN4761 right ear, RLN4764 left ear) or the comfortable Sonic Defenders (RLN6512) for high noise applications, flexible earpiece (BDN6719). Field serviceable items include replacement cable (PMKN4222), pack of 12 replacement shoulder clips with D ring (NNTN4990) or alternate standard shoulder clip (4205823V01). Information manual MN000148A01

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Microphone Characteristics

Audio jack
3.5 mm

95 x 69 x 27 mm

Dual microphone noise suppression


IP Rating


Performance Characteristics

Shock Vibration
MIL – STD 810G

Physical Characteristics

248 grams

User Environment

Operating Temperature
–30 C to +60 C

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