The NX-1000: Kenwood’s New, Affordable, Multi-mode Two-Way Radio



Kenwood has unveiled a new entry-level two-way radio that balances affordability with a feature set that will serve many of Alberta’s industries well: the NX-1000. It’s compact, lightweight and designed for intuitive use.  Its MIL-STD-810 rating means the Kenwood NX-1000 is durable enough to handle a hard fall on the factory floor or the construction site and still perform within spec.

Save Money as You Migrate to Digital Two-Way Radios

Manufacturers like Kenwood are dedicating more and more of their resources into developing digital two-way radios, infrastructure and supporting accessories.  The reasons are clear: analog radios have reached the peak of their development, while their digital successors offer better battery life, range, audio clarity, and capacity.  They also serve as a platform for software applications that help teams stay on track and mangers well informed of project status.

All that said, there are still many businesses using analog two-way radios and infrastructure simply to get the most out of the investment they made years ago.  Why wouldn’t they?

The NX-1000 can help business owners achieve that goal while still getting the benefit of digital radio technology.

The 1000 Series offers two options: FM/DMR and FM/NXDN.  Both options give you the ability to transmit in either analog or digital.  That means you can migrate your Kenwood radios system in stages, rather than all at once, and get the most return out of your analog system.

Other Features of the Kenwood NX-1000

On top of being a multiprotocol (digital and analog) two-way radio, the Kenwood NX-1000 offers several features that will support productivity, safety and clear communication on the job site:

Radio Stun/Kill

This allows the end-user to remotely deactivate any radio that gets lost or stolen.  Think about the critical information your team relays via two-way radio: arrivals on-site, safety check-ins, security matters, project status updates and so on. If radios were lost or stolen, an outside party could listen in on all those communications.  They could also use it to start transmitting on your frequencies, making it harder for anyone else on your team to use them.

By remotely deactivating the radio, Radio Stun/Kill will prevent the loss of radios from becoming a long-term impediment to effective communication.

Lone Worker

Depending on your job site or facility, there may be times when a member of your team is working on their own.  Security guards, for example, often patrol LRT stations in Edmonton on their own, using radios to stay in contact with dispatch.  Certain types of warehouse activity, like inventory counts, are often done by a lone worker, as well.

When in use, the Lone Worker feature would require people working on their own to check in at regular intervals (say, every 10 minutes) to let the rest of the team know that they were safe and unharmed.  I too many intervals passed without a safety update, an alert would be sent to your team.  They could check-in to make sure the person working alone was unharmed and respond with first-aid or security staff if there was an emergency.

Waterproofing and Dust-proofing

A radio IP, or Ingress Protection, rating, describes how dustproof and waterproof the radio is.  With an IP rating of 54/55, Kenwood’s NX-1000 series is well protected against most foreign objects as small as 1 mm from entering.  That includes fine gravel and large dust particles, to give you an idea.  Whether you need two-way radios for your security staff or a construction crew, the NX-1000 will stand up to the test.

The NX-1000 offers a moderate level of protection against water, but it can’t stand up to full immersion.  So, while you don’t want it to fall into a swimming pool or a lake, your team could communicate outdoors in rainy conditions, and the radio would perform as expected.

LCD Backlit Display and Programmable Keypad

Both the NX 1200 and 1300 (VHF/UHF) offer a version with a programmable keypad and backlit LCD display, making information like battery life, call alerts and multifunction status readily apparent to the radio user.

Top Tier Audio Quality

Many of the job sites in Alberta’s industries are high-noise environments, and that ambient noise can get in the way of transmitting and receiving clear messages.  The NX-1000 series of radios have built-in Noise Suppression, meaning the radio will work to filter out that ambient noise and focus solely on the voice of the person transmitting.  The end result is a loud, clear message that can be understood the first time.

Getting Started

The fact that Kenwood’s NX-1000 is an affordable two-way radio doesn’t mean it skimps on features.  It can be applied to communications needs in a range of industries and, for those who work in hazardous conditions (mines, refineries, etc.), Kenwood is working on an intrinsically safe version, as well.

In the meantime. If you have any questions about the NX-1000 series, Contact Us.  Our Client Support Specialists and Service Technicians are here to help build a solution that works for you.


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